Two years after the train stop known as Franklin Depot became incorporated as the town of Franklinton, a group of citizens organized a Methodist church. The following names were on the deed to the church property: Richard Godwin, John Whitfield, William Hillyard, William Joyner, Samuel Haywood, Howell Cook, James Yarborough, Henry Whitfield, and John Nicholson. These names are familiar, for their descendants live in and around Franklinton today. The first church was a small wooden structure painted white and located on the corners of Mason and Main Streets. The church had a small belfry, and two doors in front, with steps which ran the entire width of the building.

     The second church sanctuary is the current structure in use by our congregation today. Benjamin D. Price of Philadelphia, a well known church arcitect in the 1800;s, was the architect. Another example of his work is the 5th Street Methodist Church in Wilmington, N.C. A building committee was appointed by the Quarterly Conference to erect a new church in 1890. Benjamin Ballard was elected chairman; Samuel Vann, treasurer, and Isham Cheatham, secretary. The cornerstone was laid August 5, 1891, and the first sermon was preached on October 2, 1892. In 1900 Sunday School classrooms were added to the back of the building. In 1964 and Educational building was built behind the sanctuary. Today that building is used as the Methodist Day Care. In 1990 stained glass windows, made by Philip Whitfield, were installed between the sanctuary and the classrooms by Edward Harris and Philip Whitfield. A new Fellowship Hall was dedicated in December 2004, which also has a beautiful stained glass windows made by Philip Whitfield and John Taylor.


     We are grateful to the early church members for their devotion as the members of today continue their mission.



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